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Construction Equipment

Higher Level of Comfort 

  • Due to reduced vibration and noise


Increased Operating Safety 

  • Due to reduction in number of interfaces
  • PCM (Pilot Control Modules)
    • As modular stacking system


Electronics Controls, Sensors and Condition Monitoring  

  • Max. load regulation
  • Electro-hydraulic load-sensing
  • Integral acquisition of operating data
  • Control of special equipment
  • Cut-off devices to protect vehicle systems
  • Safety cut-off to protect the driver and machine



  • Energy storage
  • Smoothing of pump pulsations
  • Prevention of pressure spikes and noise
  • Chassis suspension
  • Weight compensation


Proportional Pilot Control Modules


Tank Filter Solutions, complete systems ready-for-installation

  • Optimised in respect of component protection, system cleanliness, and venting


Filtration Solutions

  • A comprehensive range of hydraulic and breather filters, fitted with high-quality filter element materials, ensure a high level of operating safety and optimised maintenance intervals for
  • Return line filtration, supply circuit filtration, pilot oil filtration
  • Removal of coarse contamination
  • Air filtration
  • Filter clogging indicators


Cooling Systems 

  • Compliance with legal requirements for noise, emissions (EURO 4, TIER 3)
  • Multiple combined cooling systems
  • Integral thermally controlled bypass valve
  • Electrical/Hydraulic fan drives (Softstart)


Emergency Steering Pump Kit

  • To supply energy for the steering system until the vehicle is at a standstill


Diesel filling pump kit

  • Filling of the fuel tank on the vehicle independently of stationary filling stations


Rotary Joints

  • For rotary transfer of the hydraulics, electrics, and air


Suspension Systems 

Levelling Systems 

Steering Systems 

Cylinder Systems 



  • Ball Valves and Fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting
  • Bell Housings and Couplings


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E.10.116.3Components, Systems and Service for Excavators
E.10.117.1Components, Systems and Service for Telescopic Cranes
E.10.123.2Components, Systems and Service for Wheel Loaders
E.10.124.1Components, Systems and Service for Road Construction Machinery
E.10.127.2Components, Systems and Service for Telehandlers
E., Systems and Service for Drill Rigs
E.5.318.0.06.16Hydraulic Controls for Attachments
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