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Mechanical & Hydraulic Press Machines

Mechanical and hydraulic press machines are used for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing related applications. Commonly used for blanking, clinching, deep drawing, forging, moulding, punching, and metal forming operations, they typically come available in a variety of pressing capacities (i.e. from 1 tonne and beyond) for a range of different industrial environments. HYDAC provides components and systems for mechanical and hydraulic presses.


HYDAC Solutions for Mechanical and Hydraulic Press

HYDAC is your partner for metal forming technology, whether in hydraulics, cooling or lubrication HYDAC offers the right solutions for your mechanical and hydraulic press.


Customised System Solutions

  • For accumulator stations


Hydraulic Power Units

  • Hydraulic power units, hydraulic controls, and lubrication power units


Condition Monitoring and Sensor Technology 

  • To increase operational availability of the hydraulic press


Individual Filtration Systems 

  • For main and offline filtration



  • Bladder, diaphragm and piston accumulators, hydraulic dampers, safety blocks, accessories and build-on parts


Compact Power Units

  • For clamping and additional functions


Ball Valves

  • Ball valves and mounting technology



  • And cooling systems (oil/water, oil/air)


HFA Filtration

  • And conditioning plant for internal high-pressure forming presses


System Solutions for Mechanical Presses

  • Hydraulic power units, reservoir size 25-400 l, build-on modules (PSV, additional functions) to control the hydraulic transmission/braking combination
  • Complete overload systems consisting of overload power unit, overload block and accessories



  • Ball Valves and Fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting
  • Bell Housings and Couplings


HYDAC is your competent partner for components and systems for mechanical press and hydraulic press. With branches located around the country, we’re also able to service nationwide. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.


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