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Oil & Gas


  • Floating Production Storage Offtake facilities (FPSO)
  • Blow Out Preventer (BOP)
  • Wellhead control panels and Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
  • Pulsations dampers on chemical injection pump / Quick disconnection
  • Fixed platforms
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
  • Wellhead control panels
  • Cranes and davits
  • Blow Out Preventer (BOP)
  • Work over control systems
  • Subsea systems
  • Subsea Blow Out Preventer
  • Christmas trees
  • Subsea control modules
  • Accumulators and subsea pressure compensators
  • Accumulator modules on subsea manifolds



  • Valve actuation
  • Chemical injection
  • Surge control with bladder accumulators with special coatings
  • Flushing of pipeline tubes (pump protection)



  • Ship drives
  • Pitch control



  • Bladder Accumulator, piston accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, pressure compensators
  • Accumulator stations with bladder accumulators or piston accumulators or with backup bottles
  • Pressure transmitters HDA 3700 and EDS 300 with shipbuilding approvals
  • Multiway ball valves in stainless steel (also CETOP)
  • Hydraulic filters MPSSF/HSSFF/ACSSF up to 1000 bar, high-pressure filters DF/DFF, change-over inline filter RFLD
  • Offline Filter OLF
  • Backflushing filter RF3
  • Online clogging indicator
  • API 614


Special Features

  • Design and manufacturing to customer specification
  • Flushing to NAS6
  • ATEX Certifications
  • IECEx
  • ASME
  • Shipbuilding approvals: Lloyds, DNV, GL, ABS, Bureau Veritas
  • Special paints and coatings, stainless steel executions



  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, hose and cable couplings, component mounting
  • Bell housings and couplings


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E.10.118.3Components, Systems and Service for the Oil and Gas Industry
E.10.129.2Components, Systems and Service for Shipping
E.7.802.1Automatic Pre-Filtration in the Treatment of Ballast Water
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