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Paper Industry

Contamination of hydraulic fluid and lubricant is the cause of:

– 70-80% of all hydraulic systems failures, and
– up to 45% of all bearing failures

These failures can be costly in terms of downtime, repairs and lifetime of the system.


At HYDAC, we use our experience and extensive product range to provide components and customised systems which:

  • Increase system availability
  • Reduce system downtime, and
  • Increase productivity


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Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems for 

  • Wet Section
  • Press section
  • Size or film press
  • Dry section
  • Rewinder
  • Reel cutter
  • Packing plants


Treatment of 

  • Freshwater, river water, used water
  • Super clear filtrate
  • Condensate
  • Coating colour


Measurement Sensor Technology (static or as portable device) for monitoring

  • System pressure
  • Oil level
  • Temperature
  • Water content
  • Contamination level
  • Flow rate
  • Oil condition


Accumulators for 

  • Emergency operating functions
  • Pulsation damping
  • Emergency shut-off


Oil Service Units for 

  • Dewatering
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting mobile offline units



  • Ball Valves and Fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting
  • Bell housings and couplings


Installation, Commissioning, Service, and Optimisation

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E.10.108.4 Components, Systems and Service for the Pulp and Paper Industry
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