tractor technology

tractor technology

Components, systems, and services for tractors


HYDAC develops individual and holistic system solutions from simple to complex tailored to tractors.

Solutions span front-rear hitch and complete working hydraulics to simple locking functions among many others.

Combined with pump systems, with the basic data Q max = 200 l/min; p max = 350/420 bar.

Functionality includes cylinder control functions with or without load tap and a main actuator in parallel or series connection.

Easy tractor system integration

HYDAC’s solutions ensure easy integration of secondary functions, priority valves for (OC or LS) steering and brake systems, filtration and sensorics, support and level control, fan controls, and accumulator charging circuits.


Valve for piloting tractor working hydraulics – PDRC04T30D

The PDRC04T30D valve for piloting working hydraulics/control units, with a standard cavity, is known for its high functional reliability and extremely compact design.  


Tractor safety

Back-up fluid power supply for the steering and braking system in the event of main pump tractor failure. 

A DC power unit prioritises braking cylinder and hydraulic steering system supply in the event of a tractor hydraulic pump malfunction.

Functionality includes permanent pressure monitoring of the system to ensure functional efficiency and, in addition to the emergency brake, a tractor can be maneuvered to the next service station in towing mode.  


Tractor gear control

HYDAC meets the most stringent requirements for transmission applications via its specially developed kit of proportional pressure reducing valves.

For optimum use of space, additional functions can be integrated into the transmission control such as cooling, lubrication, filtration, and fluid power supply. 

Benefits include optimised pressure loss; rapid switching characteristics, even in highly viscous oil; and high dirt resistance.


Tractor filtration

HYDAC supplies a flange-mounted pressure filter for gear lubrication and supply of working hydraulics. 

A proportion of volume flow is demand led to the cooler by an integrated temperature controlled thermo bypass valve.

Benefits include space savings due to valve integration (compact design), cost savings as additional piping is eliminated, and lower risk of leakage due to less susceptible components and connections. 


Prioritised distribution/central hydraulics

In customised central manifolds, variable and fixed displacement pump flows are distributed to actuators such as steering, brakes, suspension and control valves with required prioritisation. 

The integration of filters and hydraulic accumulators increases the functional range using minimal space requirements.



HYDAC’s steer-by-wire system serves the purpose of electronic superposition of the main steering by means of an electro-proportional steering valve with integrated position monitoring suitable for joystick or GPS-based steering in off-road operation.


Increased tractor safety 

HYDAC’s axle suspension, active roll stabilisation, and cab suspension result in increased tractor safety.


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