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Diesel Fuel Filters – All Round Protection

Emissions directives are raising the standards for diesel fuels and Australia is aggressively driving down Carbon emissions and have set a target for these reductions:

  • Australia will reduce emissions from 612 million tonnes of CO2 to 441 million tonnes of CO2 on 2005 levels by 2030.
  • This target represents a 50-52% reduction in emissions per capital and
  • A 64-65% reduction in the emissions intensity of the economy between 2005 and 2030

As a consequence, suppliers must guarantee that there is less contamination and lower water content in their fuels.

It has become essential to monitor particle contamination and water content to comply with the new high-quality requirements. Diesel fuel filters need filtration, dewatering and fuel condition monitoring in every stage of the transport chain.

Active Solution Scenario

For example, one of the solutions to reduce the carbon emitted is to improve the performance of the combustion of diesel fuel within the engine. In order to achieve this, one aspect of diesel engine performance targeted for reduction of carbon emissions is the injector.

The injector is a highly critical and dirt sensitive component. Its design allows it to spray diesel fuel into the combustion chamber in a far more effective manner. This has a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions, by making cleaner burns possible and reducing fuel consumption.

HYDAC has developed a product range which includes housings, fluid conditioning units and sensors necessary to achieve this reduction of carbon emissions.

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