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Diesel Particulate Filter – Prevents Expensive Downtime

People often store diesel fuel for long periods, especially in tanks, which may be used infrequently. As a result, a deposition of solid particles and water happens on the bottom of the tank. It can, therefore, damage pumps and sensitive components when switching on the motor.

What’s more, over an extended period of time, free water in a tank provides a breeding ground for pests, essentially micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungus, etc… Both can quickly lead to blockage of the machine filter and damage the diesel injection system components. Therefore, levels of pollutants from the combusting engine are getting higher, leading to high costs, downtime, spare parts maintenance and repairs.

So, keeping dirt, water and micro-organisms out of diesel fuel is essential for the system. It will allow a reduction of a number of emissions and unburnt fuel from going out into the environment, saving fuel, money and reducing downtime. The use of the HYDAC Low Viscosity Unit LVU, such as LVU-CD10 and LVU-CD40, minimises contamination to a system. It also prevents expensive system downtime and the necessity of early and expensive disposal of diesel fuel.

With the HYDAC Low Viscosity Unit LVU, we can cover many diesel particulate filtration requirements.


Greater system availability,

Care and dewatering also possible when the combustion engine is turned off,

Reduce risk of diesel pests, thanks to the separation of free water from diesel fuel.

Optional automatic drainage of water from the coalescing housing for increased convenience and greater process reliability.

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