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How Reduced Fuel Contamination Can Increase Engine Efficiency

If you operate a diesel powered vehicle or machinery that runs on diesel fuel, you’ll understand the importance of keeping your fuel free of contaminants to ensure reliable performance. Three of the most unwanted contaminants you might find in your diesel are water, dirt and various microorganisms. Should any of these make it into your fuel tank through a lack of condition monitoring or preventive maintenance, you can encounter serious contaminated diesel fuel problems. If you do have contaminated fuel, HYDAC is here to tell you what to do.


Contaminated Diesel Fuel Problems

The prospect of contaminated diesel fuel in your tank can be problematic at best. Should contaminated particles get into your diesel, they can increase the amount of emissions as well as the burnt fuel that goes out into the atmosphere. Contaminated fuel can also negatively affect engine efficiency, waste your fuel, and increase machinery downtime as you wait for repairs to take place. This downtime will generally result in a drop in profits until after the downtime is over and productivity has increased.


Contaminated Fuel – What To Do

Before you wonder what to do with contaminated fuel, you should implement preventive maintenance to minimise the risk of contamination in the first place. But once fuel has become contaminated, it’s best to become aware of the levels of contamination. By using tools such as the HYDAC CS1000 contamination sensor, you’ll be able to ascertain whether or not the level of cleanliness meets strict local standards. If the fuel has been contaminated with water, removal of the contaminant is usually undertaken using large vessels that enable separation of the water from the fuel to some degree of success. If the fuel has been contaminated with a particulate, such as dirt, HYDAC’s Depth Filtration product will typically deliver the cleanliness you want in one single attempt without affecting the other favourable qualities offered by the fuel.


Seek Assistance from HYDAC Today

Many contaminated diesel fuel problems can be avoided with an effective preventive maintenance system in place. But should you find yourself with contaminated fuel and don’t know what to do, get in touch with HYDAC.

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