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Electro-hydraulic Automation

HYDAC offers a wide range of products and services and has an in-depth application knowledge, making HYDAC a partner for all kinds of Electro-hydraulic Automation and Industry 4.0 developments. Furthermore, we work with our customers on future-focused products, digital services and new business models.

As an example of our electro-hydraulic automation capability, we offer control technology components and systems that can be used to put in place intelligent solutions for mobile machinery. HYDAC has solutions ranging from hydraulic and electronic components, to complete turnkey systems, including the corresponding applications software.

HYDAC Industry 4.0 Strategy

HYDAC can help you implement Industry 4.0 in your hydraulic application. We can put into action remote condition monitoring and self-correction systems, configure everything in advance, and will train you and your team to enjoy the benefits of and be confident in the new electro-hydraulic automation technology. Our packages start from a simple integrated data acquisition to fully customised monitoring and support.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your Industry 4.0 and Electro-hydraulic Automation requirements.

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