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Hydraulic Equipment Hire

Whenever you need a piece of equipment, a measuring unit or a mobile filtration system, you can contact HYDAC and hire the adequate equipment for a short period.  All units are maintained and checked regularly and are therefore always ready for operation.

These are the equipment available for hire:

  • Filtration Unit – OF7
  • Mobile Filtration Unit – OF5
  • Varnish Mitigation Unit – VMU4
  • Nitrogen Charging Unit N2 Server Mobile
  • Dewatering and Filtration Unit – FAM-10/15
  • Dewatering and Filtration Unit – FAM-45
  • Offline Filtration Trolley – OF30/30
  • Offline Filtration Trolley – OFT3 / OFTM
  • Fluid Control Unit – FCU 1310-4
  • Fluid Control Unit – FCU 2210-4
  • Portable Data Recorder – HMG 3000
  • Hose Box
  • HY-DRY 25 – Dewatering Unit
  • HY-FLUSH 1300 – Hydraulic Flushing Rig

Working with our service partners will give you access to a complete package of services, such as rental services. We study your needs to develop individual solutions according to your requirements and your schedule.

AUSTRALIA 1300 449 322

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