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Gearbox Cooling Systems – Prevent Your Gearbox Overheating

A gearbox is a crucial part of a diverse range of machines, including wind turbines, cable winches, vertical milling, conveyor drives and many more. The gearbox will not run efficiently if the oil is not kept at the right design temperature of the respective bearings. Gearbox overheating and transmission overheating can cause serious problems to components and lead to system downtime, which can result in loss of productivity. To prevent the overheating of your machine’s gearbox or transmission, HYDAC provides a range of solutions that will help to preserve its operational life.


Discover the HYDAC Solution

In order to prevent your gearbox or transmission overheating, HYDAC offers gearbox lubrication coolers for application-specific oil conditioning. This compact system has a design for filtration and cooling.

The cooling system presents:

  • An efficient and compact air cooling with optional integrated thermal bypass (IBT)
  • Hot/cold climate versions
  • Fixings as part of the housing.

It is also available with a plate heat exchanger. We use this lubrication and cooling system on large gearboxes between 100 kW and several MW.


Available Across Australia and New Zealand

Preventing your gearbox overheating or transmission overheating ensures that your machinery will continue to work for you at its optimum for longer without resulting in a loss of productivity and profit. HYDAC proudly brings you the solution that you need. For more information on our gearbox lubrication coolers, contact us on 1300 449 322.

HYDAC is a proven partner and supplier of a modular series of components and systems in cooling technology.

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