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Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems & More

In addition to designing and manufacturing complete hydraulic systems for use in Australia and New Zealand, HYDAC also supplies a range of products, with everything from hydraulic components through to lubrication systems and much more.

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Hydraulic System Automation

It’s always important to strike the right balance between efficiency and performance in an industrial environment, and automation of systems and processes is one of the easiest ways to achieve both. HYDAC stocks a selection of hydraulic components to help facilitate automation.

Motion Control Systems

Motion control systems from HYDAC help to improve efficiency of processes while minimising difficulties and complexities found in executing the process.

Lubrication Systems

HYDAC lubrication systems come with the highly valued ISO/TS 29001 certification. They can be used for a wide range of applications, including gearboxes, industrial magnets, oil and gas processes and more.

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors, Valves and Filters

Upgrade or repair your hydraulic systems with our comprehensive range of hydraulic components. Amongst our range, you’ll find everything from pumps and motors through to valves and filters for a wide variety of applications.

Hydraulic Services

We provide various services that endeavour to improve the availability of hydraulic machines, preserve the quality of hydraulic components and reduce operating costs of machinery.

Filter Systems (Including Diesel Fuel)

For nearly 10 years, HYDAC has had a dedicated filtration technology division committed to developing and manufacturing the finest filter systems. Whether you’re looking for an oil purification filter or a diesel fuel system, you can count on us to meet your needs. For those that specialise in process technology applications, we can supply process filter systems that help to increase the operational lifespan of your system while simultaneously reducing down times.

Other Products

Our range of hydraulic components doesn’t end there. We also stock accumulators, cooling systems, electronics, condition monitoring equipment, electrical control panel componentry, and a vast array of other accessories.

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