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Oil condition monitoring and predictive maintenance strategy for an optimised system’s lifetime

In hydraulic and lubrication oil systems, operation fluid can be contaminated, with solid particle contamination or water, for example. This contamination then goes on to cause errors in components and subsystems and ultimately in the system as a whole.

Furthermore, the normal ageing process of the fluid causes performance losses that often result in system downtime.

Prevent Performance Loss

In order to prevent these consequences, oil condition monitoring is essential. The condition of the operating fluid is comparable to a “fingerprint” of the overall condition of the system. Implementing a predictive maintenance strategy allows the service life of all critical machine elements to be fully utilised, by detecting a variation from the fluid’s normal condition early on. Oil monitoring system, oil condition monitoring sensors, condition monitoring through oil analysis…  These are the basis for a significant reduction in operating costs resulting from costly unplanned system downtime being eliminated or minimised.

So, engine oil monitoring system and predictive maintenance strategy allow available resources to be utilised optimally, reducing the total costs for the machinery throughout its service life (life cycle cost).

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