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The Benefits of Real Time Monitoring Compared To Oil Sampling

When you are feeling sick and need to go to a doctor, you can decide between 3 methods: 

  • Off-site (go to the doctor’s office),
  • On-site (request a doctor to come to you),
  • Online (nowadays, there are devices able to constantly monitor your health and send signals to your doctor).

In a hydraulic world, things work in the same way: you decide how to monitor the cleanliness of your hydraulic system oil. You can send an oil bottle sample to a lab, do the analysis on-site, or a have a real time monitoring system in place, also called Condition Based Monitoring.

Sending an oil bottle sample to a laboratory for analysis is a thing of the past. We can divide the results of the lab test into 3 major categories:

  • Oil Additives
  • Physical Properties
  • Contaminants

The first two have slow changing characteristics, depending on the system. Also, they have components that only the lab can process. So, in this case, it’s important to send a sample to a lab. But for the third category, contaminants, real time monitoring is crucial, as a dramatic change in condition can cause serious damage to your system.

The Issues Surrounding Laboratory Testing of Oil

These are some of the problems that can occur when you use an oil bottle sample to identify contaminants:

  • Only a very small percentage of the oil serves as a sample, so how is it possible to be sure it is the best representative sample?
  • Oil samples taken with oil sample bottles are inconsistent for cleanliness
  • There’s too little trending data on quick changing aspects of oil analysis to make a really informed decision on proactive maintenance strategies
  • We can only ever react on the last oil sample

It’s good to emphasise that oil analysis is the number one tool for a proactive maintenance approach, and that real time monitoring is a new and better way to do an analysis.

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