Intermediate Hydraulics 3

A$ 1,290.00

Nationally Recognised

Three days course.

Expanding knowledge of common hydraulic components and their function within a system.

Textbook available.

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Components discussed in detail include control of variable displacement pumps, industrial and mobile valves. This course also introduces engineering calculations for hydraulic system engineering. Half of this course is classroom-based and half of it is hands-on with exercises on our hydraulic training rigs. This course is suitable for maintenance technicians, tradespeople, salespeople and engineers.

You will cover:

  • Intermediate hydraulic knowledge for technicians and supervisors
  • Operation of compound relief valves, and system pressure controls
  • Learning about fixed and variable displacement pumps
  • Pump controls, including pressure compensation, remote operation, load sensing and power control
  • Hydraulic calculations, including area, pressure, flow, force, power, cycle times and line sizes
  • Circuit design for a simple system (i.e. one actuator)
  • Learning about hydraulic components schematics and circuits through the use of 19 exercises on our training rigs

Note that HYDAC Basic Hydraulics 1 course or equivalent and/or Maintain Hydraulics 2 or equivalent, are the prerequisites for this course.

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