Ion Exchange Unit - IXU


The IXU series are easy-to-service ion exchange units. They serve to condition non-flam hydraulic and lubrication fluids based on phosphate esters (HFD-R). They are effective in removing the following components:

  • The acidic products of degradation resulting from hydrolysis and/or oxidation of the fluid
  • The metal soaps present in the fluid

Moreover, the utilisation of the units is offline. It has a flow rates of up to ? 9 l/min on hydraulic and lubrication oil tanks.

Also, mobile and stationary versions of the IXU are available.

The IXU uses HYDAC's own Ion eXchange Elements (IXE) filled with ion exchange resin.


  • An effective removal of acids and metal soaps
  • It is free of extractable metals or particles, in contrast to fuller's earth or activated aluminium oxide
  • The units are easy to service
  • Also available as a complete unit for oil service work. Also as a modular system for retrofitting in existing offline circuits or for OEMs. In addition, we recommend carrying out dewatering continuously using, for example, a FluidAqua Mobile FAM.


  • A reduction in functional problems, e.g. on servo valves
  • An extended service life of the operating fluid
  • Also, an increased machine and system availability
  • Prolonged oil change intervals
  • Service-friendly units through element change without tools and with a removable filter element with the cover "facing upward"


Ion Exchange Unit IXU

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