Maintain Hydraulic Systems 4

A$ 1,720.00
Nationally Recognised

Four days course.

A deeper understanding of hydraulic maintenance and troubleshooting on systems, with an emphasis on theory and hands-on training. 

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This course continues with our theme of building on the knowledge gained from the courses that came before it. This course takes the student on a hydraulic maintenance & troubleshooting journey on systems, looking at the theory behind different maintenance principles to hands-on exercises that are designed to challenge. The student is introduced to a variety of systems and components such as closed loop hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic steering, energy storage, fluid connectors, fluid condition monitoring, system flushing and commissioning.

At the completion of this course the student will be able to successfully identify and implement a maintenance strategy and process, ensure correct selection and installation of suitable hydraulic hoses, steel lines and connectors, calculate hydraulic motor forces, service hydro-pneumatic accumulator’s, correctly install condition monitoring sensors, program and use electronic measuring devices, interpret the collected data and apply that information to a maintenance plan.

You will cover:

  • Industrial and mobile hydraulic components and systems
  • The application of preventative maintenance practices for hydraulic applications
  • Hydraulic motors, including low speed, high torque and variable displacement
  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Threads, connectors and hose standards
  • Pressure testing and flushing of installations

Note that HYDAC Basic Hydraulics 1 course or equivalent and/or Maintain Hydraulics 2 or equivalent and/or Intermediate Hydraulics 3 or equivalent, are the prerequisites for this course.

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