MCS 1000 Series


The MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000 monitors metallic particle contamination in lubrication fluid.

Therefore, the detection of the particles is by inductive measurement whereby a coil system is the core element of the sensor. Indeed, it detects metallic particles (ferromagnetic Fe and non-ferromagnetic nFe) in the > 70 µm size range.

Moreover, the MCS 1000 continuously monitors the condition of the system and provides information on any early-stage damage. The sensor is, therefore, a reliable tool for condition maintenance. In addition, as an option, the MCS 1000 series can have an Ethernet interface. This means that the connection of the sensors to existing networks is possible and easy.

It has certification from Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Service.


  • The detection of early-stage damage, for example, in a gearbox
  • It prevents costly turbine downtime
  • The perfect complement to optical sensors
  • The measurement of metallic particles (ferromagnetic Fe and nonferromagnetic nFe) > 70 µm
  • Also, it has no effect on the measurement result by air bubbles or liquid contamination in the fluid
  • The condition monitoring systems in wind power turbines with GL certifications do not lose it if the MCS 1000 is built into the system after certification.
MCS 1000 Series

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