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Big Data Analytics and Industry 4.0

If there’s one certainty about Industry 4.0 and the way it’s revolutionising the manufacturing industry, it’s that the digitisation and automation of manufacturing processes is heavily reliant upon the collection and analysis of big data. Big data is the name given to large sets of data that are analysed to reveal hidden trends or patterns that enable more informed business decisions to be made and also improve various Industry 4.0 practices. Such practices can include energy management, process optimisation, quality monitoring, and predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment, among numerous others.

How is Big Data Collected?

Businesses and organisations can use a variety of different techniques to collect big data for larger scale Industry 4.0 use. Some of these methods will be fairly obvious, while other approaches might be a little more subtle.

Big data is typically collected in a large variety of ways. It can be obtained via satellite imagery – particularly with the development of Google Earth and Google Maps – where it can show the types of people who live and work in particular areas. It can also come from more Industry 4.0 specific measures like employee databases which keep a record of day to day technology concerns like how much time employees engage with particular software programs and applications as well as the times of the day that employees are most productive. Information like this tells us how technological equipment in the workplace is currently being engaged with and how that engagement can be better improved for the sake of productivity and efficiency.

The Benefits of using Big Data Analysis for Industry 4.0

The key advantages of using big data analysis for the improvement of Industry 4.0 development in your workplace are numerous. Firstly, analytics enable you to turn arbitrary streams of data into comprehensive, readable knowledge that can then be used to improve workplace practices. The data can be used to build further security around more sensitive data. It also enables a smoother pathway to new product development, providing a clearer insight into what your clients want from you and how you can best accommodate their needs.

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