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Connect Your Vehicle or Machine to the Cloud via Wireless or Cellular Interface

In 2019, more and more ways are emerging to become connected to each other through the internet. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the ability to connect your car to the cloud via wireless or cellular technology. It’s not only useful for keeping children occupied on long road trips, but can also be beneficial for busy corporate types looking to get work completed while being driven to an important business meeting across the city. Through the use of remote data access made available by HYDAC, it has now become possible to get connected and stay connected.

How Does It Work?

HYDAC has designed and manufactured the TT Connect Wave, a strong and durable device that is designed to connect your vehicle or high-end machinery to the cloud using wireless or cellular technology. In addition to these two interfaces, the TT Connect Wave boasts standard options also found in current model vehicles including USB, Ethernet and CAN. Its durable design makes it highly usable in dynamic conditions and capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures.

Key Functions

Once you’ve gained remote data access through the TT Connect Wave, you can then enjoy a smooth and seamless connection to the Cloud Service platform. From here, you’ll be able to take advantage of specific applications such as machine data monitoring, prognostics and predictive maintenance for your connected vehicle or machine.

If you’d like any further details on connecting your car for remote data access, contact the professionals at HYDAC for trusted and reliable assistance.

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