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Data Logging

Data logging is used across a vast range of applications, ranging from road traffic counting to temperature measurement, process monitoring, unattended soil moisture level recording and much more. Essentially, it is the process whereby a data logging device records data usually over time or in relation to a specific location. More and more data loggers are being built with digital processor technology; some are general purpose loggers that can be used for various applications, while others are intended for specific purpose use only. Various types of data loggers can include Black Box stimulus/response loggers that are commonly used on mass forms of transportation like planes, trains and ships, and health data loggers which can be used for applications as diverse as food transportation and cardiovascular activity.

Discover the TTConnect Wave from HYDAC and TTControl

One piece of equipment that boasts a versatile range of applications including machine data monitoring and data logging is the TTConnect Wave brought to the Australian market by HYDAC. This IoT gateway device is renowned for its highly durable design and manufacture as well as its equally high performance capacity, and is capable of performing applications as relatively basic as data logging or as complex as predictive maintenance and prognostics. With its ability to provide remote data access, you can access the logged data from almost any location.

When it comes to matters of data logging, remote data access and the Internet of Things in general, you can trust HYDAC to be able to meet your needs. Get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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