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Digital Communication Interface

One vital aspect of Industry 4.0 is the IO-Link Digital Communication Interface. This significantly powerful point to point communication protocol is used to communicate with actuators and sensors. The interface enables the processing and exchange of vital data and events via a globally recognised PLC standard. HYDAC’s i4.0 hydraulic systems employ IO-Link Digital Communication Interface technology to ensure optimal performance each and every time.

The Benefits of Using an IO-Link Digital Communication Interface

There are numerous benefits that come with using an IO-Link Digital Communication Interface. Among them are:

  • Cost-effective solution – Using sensors and actuators that can be easily configured reduces the types you need.
  • Reduce commissioning times – By using IO-Link communication, you can enjoy the advantages of having unshielded cables and industry-standard connection plugs.
  • Improve productivity – Automated configuration of IO-Link devices allows you to better spend your time doing more important things.
  • Predictive maintenance – Employing intelligent IO-Link devices enables you to use self-diagnosis functions on machinery which therefore leads to predictive maintenance abilities.

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