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What is the HYDAC Data+ Edge Computer and how does it work?

The manufacturing sector has seen the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, known as the “Industry 4.0” revolution. Industry 4.0 commonly described the merge of traditional automation with information technology, as well as the digitalisation and automation of manufacturing processes. However, those processes are heavily reliant upon the collection and analysis of big data.

What is big data?

This is the name given to large sets of data that are analysed to reveal hidden trends or patterns that enable more informed business decisions to be made, and also improve various Industry 4.0 practices. In this situation, it’s essential to use efficient and smart tools to store, manage and analyse data.

That’s why HYDAC has developed the HYDAC Data+ Edge Computer (PC). It is a powerful, flexible, expandable and customisable device designed for fast data processing and control at the edge.

The system runs a Linux OS; it is, therefore, possible to add functionalities as required.

How does it work?

The Data+ Edge PC has a software platform installed internally, meaning that no software is required to be installed, simplifying the installation altogether. This also ensures that all of the software and functionality of this option is fully maintained within the Data+. The data can be stored locally on an SD card on the DATA+.

In term of communication, the data can be sent to a higher-level system via an Ethernet connection, utilising the following protocols: Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP or OPC UA.

Sensors can be added via IO-Link masters or other remote IO modules.

As for visualisation of the information, HYDAC has installed a powerful software framework that contains Web Visualisations, database and database extensions to view, manage and control data effectively and easily. Node-Red provides the customer with a graphical interface to manipulate data.

Also, any parameters and sensors that are being monitored can have customisable alarm settings; these can be modified via the Web Visualisations (Soft HMI).

Here are the key features of the DATA+:

  • Edge control.
  • Edge data processing.
  • Communication to remote IO modules, via Modbus TCP, Profinet or CANopen offering IO expandability with the connection of decentralised IO Modules.
  • Data transfer to the higher-level system:
    • Via Modbus TCP, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, OPC-UA, Profinet.
  • Web Visualisations (Soft HMI) compatible with standard browsers.
    • For example, if the DATA+ is connected to the LAN network of the site, anyone with access can use the Web Visualisation (Soft HMI) of the system and view the information, in real-time, on their PC.
    • The access can also be wireless, via local hotspot via a router.
    • Setting up of set points/ alarm trigger points.
  • Implementation of algorithms.
  • Database for long-term storage (up to 128GB, depending on SD card size).
  • Communication interfaces:
    • Ethernet:
      • Modbus TCP
      • Profinet
      • OPC UA
      • TCP/IP, UDP/IP
    • Serial RS 485
      • Modbus RTU
    • REST
    • WebSocket
  • USB 2.0 port.
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi optional.
  • -20 to +85°C working temperature.
  • IP 65 protection class.

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