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Machine Data Monitoring

With the sheer volume of data created by multitudes of machines, devices and industrial equipment − a volume greater than that which can be collected using the Internet of Things − the highly valuable information that can be synthesised from the data can be particularly useful. For example, in an environment where there is a lot of machinery and equipment, that machinery will be producing data that gives an indication of its performance capabilities. If a piece of machinery is not allowing you to meet a specific production KPI due to a fault of some sort, machine data monitoring will enable you to identify the nature of the fault and hopefully offer a means of resolving the issue.

Make Machine Data Monitoring Easy with the TTConnect Wave

The TTConnect Wave comes to you via HYDAC International. When you need the ability to complete machine data monitoring but require remote data access, this is the tool for you. This IoT gateway has been created to connect your machine or vehicle to the cloud with the help of a wireless or cellular interface. It is a high performance, highly durable gateway that supports a vast range of applications, ranging from relatively simple functions such as machine data monitoring through to more complex needs like predictive maintenance.

HYDAC has all your needs covered when it comes to machine data monitoring, remote data access, systems automation and Industry 4.0 in general. Contact us today if you have any process or product queries.

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