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Oil Condition Monitoring System

Just as water is vital to humans and sunlight is necessary for plants and trees, so too is oil crucial for the performance of many types of machinery. If the oil is of a sub-standard quality, it can degrade the quality of the machine, but with an oil condition monitoring system in place, you can steer clear of expensive machinery and engine troubles.

HYDAC oil condition monitoring systems will test the oil in order to determine the presence of degradation of lubricant quality, engine wear and more. All HYDAC OCM systems use enables the predictive maintenance properties of Industry 4.0. A contamination sensor determines the number of contaminant particles in the oil, while the HYDAC Lab or HLB Sensor constantly assesses the condition of the oil by measuring water saturation, temperature, conductivity and more.

The Comprehensive OCM System for Your Machinery

For ultimate performance and reliability from your machinery, ensure the oil intended to lubricate it doesn’t cause lasting damage with a comprehensive oil condition monitoring system from HYDAC.

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