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Our Safety Controllers Can Be Programmed Either in C++ or in CODESYS

HYDAC’s safety controller range is part of our line of electronic control units, and has been designed specifically to meet the future needs of high-end machinery in the construction and agricultural sectors. Our controllers are enclosed in a compact casing that enhances its durability – essential for harsh conditions.

These safety controllers meet required standards SIL 2 (IEC 61508) / PL d (ISO 13849) / AgPLd (ISO 25119). They also give you the option of being able to program them either in C++ or in CODESYS (Controller Development System), which greatly accelerates validation application of the certified controller.

Benefits of the HYDAC Safety Controller Range

In addition to the ability to be CODESYS compatible, there are numerous other benefits that come with using the HYDAC range of safety controllers. These benefits can include:

  • Flexibility and Usability – Boasting almost 100 I/Os for use with multiple applications. Open programming environments C++, CODESYS® Safety SIL 2 and CODESYS® standard.
  • Connectivity – Up to 7 CAN interfaces and Ethernet / BroadR-Reach.
  • Robustness – Allows a total current up to 60A and is encased in automotive-style housing for harsh environments, thus enhancing its durability.
  • Safety & Availability – Compliant with several national and international safety codes and regulations. Provides output shut-off in groups.
  • Performance – 32-bit 180 MHz dual-core lockstep. Floating-Point-Unit. Up to 2.3 MB RAM / 32 MB Flash.

For a high-performance CODESYS-programmable safety controller that can withstand even the toughest conditions, speak to the specialists at HYDAC today.

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