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Solutions for Kinematic Systems (Automation and Control)

HYDAC has no shortage of drive solutions when it comes to kinematic systems for automation and control. Our KineSys Motion Control and Automation team can partner with companies to develop a hydraulic or electromechanical solution based on their needs, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of HYDAC KineSys Drive Solutions 

When you choose to work with HYDAC for drive solutions, you can benefit from only having to deal with a single supplier, saving you time and hassle. Other advantages of our solutions for automation and control include:

  • Integrated intelligence for more complex drive tasks
  • Regulation of position and angle, pressure and force, speed, and more
  • Control of actuators
  • The latest safety functions

Our drive solutions also open up new possibilities for integrating hydraulic systems with automation and control technology. With the right system, you can enjoy coupling of axes, Internet of Things readiness, and integration of bus systems.

Learn More Today with HYDAC

If you’re interested in learning more about our available solutions for kinematic systems, contact the automation and control experts at HYDAC today. Call us on 1300 449 322 or submit an enquiry through our online contact form to receive a prompt response.

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