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AOG 2011 – Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference

HYDAC steals the show at AOG 2011!

In February 2011 HYDAC once again exhibited at the annual Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition.

Labelled “the most important show, in the most important industry, in the most important oil and gas region in the world”, this year the exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors and 450 exhibitors. As a specialist in the industry, HYDAC had no problem showcasing their expertise and competence in the region.

Opting for a new stand design with products that boast ground breaking new technology, HYDAC was no doubt one of the gems of the show.  Every corner of the stand was filled with new and exciting products that HYDAC continue to produce to redefine the industry.


Above: The eye-catching HYDAC Stand U14.

HYDAC’s stand was also selected to feature on the channel 9 show “Mining Matters” which goes to air March 19th. In the feature, Mark Keen, the Managing Director of HYDAC Australia & New Zealand speaks to the camera briefly to establish the fact that HYDAC dominates not only the oil and gas industry but also the mining and other industries worldwide.

Above: “Mining Matters” shoot of the HYDAC Stand.

The show was a great success and we hope to once again capture the show next year.

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