10 things you need in a portable off-line filter system

10 things you need in a portable off-line filter system

Portable off line or kidney filter systems are ideally selected with the following thoughts in mind…

1. Ease of handling the filter systems around the plant. All too often these portable trolleys have to be small enough to cope with limited walkways and also light enough to be handled by one person. All too often they also have to be able to “climb stairs” as well.

2. An off line filter system also has to cope with being able to clean up the dirty oil systems and also clean up the systems that have gotten just a bit dirtier than expected. For the dirty oil systems, the expectation, of course, is that filter element replacement costs in cleaning up the oil are not going to go through the roof.

3. The viscosity of the oil at the temperature you are filtering the oil at plays a major role in determining filter size and the thicker the oil, the larger the element has to be. So in a lot of cases, one has to think about getting larger filter units to cope with the thicker oils in the plant.

4. Also of consideration, is the type of oils one has to filtrate. In most plants, there will be a few makes and types of oils that one wishes to filter. Cross contamination of different types of oils is a major concern and when using off line filter systems to do this, one often thinks about getting a few off line filter systems to filter the different types of oils.

5. The market was also calling for a filter system that could be used to transfer used oil into containers without the need of going through the filter element. This eliminates the need to use drain plugs when changing the oil.

6. Ease of element changes out without unnecessary spillage of oil when an element is changed out.

7. Robust for rough handling expected in mine site conditions

8. Cost effective

9. Versatility in the selection of element micron size depending on which oil cleanliness targets are specified.

10. Time factors. Very often, off line filtration is done on plant shutdown. This means that one cannot spend too much time on systems trying to clean them up. Even when filtration is done while the plant is in operation, one does not want to spend a lot of time filtering systems. Labour costs money and maintenance are needed everywhere.

Taking these factors into consideration, Hydac Australia has launched a newly designed off line portable filtration system which addresses the above points.

The product has been designed specifically for Australian conditions and is manufactured locally in Australia for Australia.

The features of the units are:

1. The filter trolley is mounted with an innovative tilt axle arrangement, requiring 60% less effort to tilt back and move around compared with conventional filter trolleys. This means it can be handled by one person. Envelope dimensions are small enough to ensure that most walkways can be accessed with the system. Large pneumatic types make the unit suitable for stairs.

2. Use of Hydac Flexmicron elements which gives versatility in selection of element micron sizes, from 1 micron to 90 micron, across a wide range of applications. Elements are attractively priced for the dirty oil systems as well as for the not so dirty systems.

3. The off line filter system is fitted with a cast iron gear pump which can handle the dirt on some of the dirtier systems.

4. The unit is fitted with a variable speed drive which allows various flow rates to be set for the pump. The feature allows different viscosities to be filtered. This feature allows the versatility of using the unit on various grades of oils at different temperatures.

5. The trolley is also fitted with a dual function hand control valve that allows one to select between two options, transfer the oil while bypass the filter assembly or having a continuous offline filtration of oil.

6. The filter element is very easy to change, that helps to avoid unnecessary spillage making the workplace safer and cleaner and saves money and time.

7. The unit is heavy duty and robust built, that is great for a rough condition such as mine.

8. The HYDAC Fleximicron element costs less and has a filtration efficiency of 99.99%, it also has an excellent fluid compatibility and a very low starting pressure drop, which guarantees a longer element service life and energy savings.

9. The elements are available in several micron sizes.

10. The trolley works in a cascade filtration using two filter housings, that saves time on the off line filtration.

HYDAC’s newly designed off line portable filtration system exceed your expectation in terms of flexibility, efficiency, and savings.