Alexa, open HYDAC

Alexa, open HYDAC

Alexa, open hydac

You can now interact with us by talking to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Just say, "Alexa, open HYDAC" or "Hey Google, talk to HYDAC", in order to start our voice application.

Once you launched our voice app, you can ask us information related to our technical training courses here in Australia and New Zealand. For instance, you can ask: "When is the next Basic Hydraulics 1 course?"

Alexa or Google can tell you the course dates, venue, cost, course duration, etc... You can also request for the enrolment information to be sent right to your phone, for your convenience.

On this voice app, you can also listen to our latest podcasts; just say "listen to podcasts". Our podcasts are related to industrial internet of things, mobile hydraulics and industrial hydraulics.

Our Alexa voice app is available in English and on devices like Amazon Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire TV, and mobile phones that have the Amazon Alexa app. Click on this link to see the app on Amazon Skills store:

On Google, the app is also available in English, on devices like Google Home, Google Nest Hub, some wearable devices and all mobile phones that have Google Assistant. See app on the Assistant Directory:

Hope you enjoy this new feature!

Thank you!
HYDAC Australia / New Zealand