Alpha and omega of wind energy systems from HYDAC

Alpha and omega of wind energy systems from HYDAC

HYDAC assists with wind energy systems from concept to completion.

The products that can be found in thousands of wind turbines worldwide stand testimony to the complete systems, lubrication and hydraulic filtration concepts and cooling systems for gear oils and generators that HYDAC has provided to this industry.

System solutions: one supplier, one contact

HYDAC provides system solutions in the form of one supplier, one contact, for the following:

  • condition monitoring of oil cleanliness and oil ageing in hydraulic and lubrication oils; electronic measurement of pressure, temperature, position and flow rate;
  • cooling and filter systems for wind turbines;
  • measurement to extend service life and optimise operational safety through high-quality filtration systems;
  • hydraulic systems and components for safety and yaw brakes; and
  • pitch control in-plant technology: test rigs/test room equipment for gearbox, rotor bearing, cylinders, accumulators; and
  • secure and gentle mounting of cables.

Fluid condition monitoring

Sensors are on offer for permanent measurement of oil cleanliness, wear particles, water saturation level, and oil ageing in hydraulic systems.

By monitoring the gearbox and bearing lubrication, wear and tear can be detected at an early stage and damage can be avoided.

Products include Contamination Sensor CS 1000, Metallic Contamination Sensor MCS 1000 Series, Aqua Sensor AS 1000, HYDAC Lab® Oil condition sensor, electronic clogging indicator type GW, GSM Module CSI-F-10, GSM Module CSI-F-10, and Contamination Sensor Module Comfort CSM-C.

Contamination Sensor Module Comfort CSM-C is a portable plug-and-work module - temporary or permanent installation - to measure solid contamination and water saturation (optional) in hydraulic and lubrication fluids containing a high proportion of air bubbles.

HYDAC measuring technology

HYDAC offers sensors for measuring pressure, temperature, position, flow, filter contamination, and fluid level.

Products include pressure transmitter HDA 4000 (monitoring of yaw brake), pressure switch EDS 3000 (monitoring of lube oil), temperature switch ETS 3000 (monitoring of cooling circuit), and linear position sensor HLT 1000 / HLT 2000 (monitoring of pitch adjustment).

Cooling and filter systems

Services include systems advice and design (also for extreme climate zones, CCV and HCV); gearbox lubrication and cooling; generator cooling; combined cooling of the gearbox and generator; and inverted cooling.

Gear oil is cooled using a plate heat exchanger, which is supplied with a water/glycol mixture also used to cool the generator. Heat is then dissipated via a heat exchanger.

Other products include:

  • cooling system for gearbox (oil/air cooler version);
  • gearbox cooling (motor pump unit with filtration);
  • generator/inverter cooling (water-glycol circuit);
  • gearbox/generator cooling (flow rate < 350 L/min, pressure < 16 bar dynamic, oil or water/glycol medium;
  • integrated pressure and thermally-controlled bypass valve on the cooler


In compliance with wind power standard AGMA 6006 HYDAC develops optimised systems for main filters (integrated in the lubrication system), offline filters, and breather filters and dryers.

Products include Offline Filter Pressure (compact offline filter with high-pressure stability), Stat-Free Elements® (to prevent static charging), optimised filter elements (BN4HX), and  Trimicron elements (offline filter elements for combined removal of oil ageing products, water and solid particles).

HYDAC solutions to the wind industry

Hydraulic systems and components

Services include system advice and system design spanning pitch control and brake functions to Yaw adjustment, Nacelle hood, and locking cylinders.

Products include a lubrication unit for main bearing, accumulators of all types.

Pitch control

Pitch control products include a cylinder for pitch adjustment with an integrated linear position system, a central pitch system power unit with hydraulic accumulators and double cylinders (bladder accumulator types: 2 x SB330-10 litres, 1 x SB330-2.5 litres), and a hydraulic cylinder for pitch adjustment.

In-plant technology

In-plant technology products include lubrication oil supply for gear test rigs, rotor bearing flushing and testing units, test room equipment, cylinder testing and flushing units, test rigs for low-temperature testing, and rotation test rig for components.


Investment in wind technology will continue to be supported by the high Renewable Energy Target (RET) that state and territory governments aim to achieve by 2030, according to IBISWorld research.

Forecast solid demand growth from the downstream wind and other electricity generation industries will also underpin the wind farm construction industry's performance over the period.

The research highlights that Western Australia has moved to position itself strongly in the renewable energy market. This includes the addition in recent years of the Mumbida Wind Farm near Geraldton and the Badgingarra Wind Farm that was added in early 2019.

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