Application of Industry 4.0 in the hydraulic steel structure industry

Application of Industry 4.0 in the hydraulic steel structure industry

The hydraulic steel structure industry has relied on the same tried-and-tested technology for years. With the introduction of industry 4.0, the last few years have seen a fundamental rethink in terms of hydraulic drive technology. New, modern, cost-effective and energy-efficient ways of equipping and operating hydraulic steel structure systems have become available in this sector. The construction of a second lock chamber for a barrage in Trier is a perfect example of this evolution.

“The Moselle” is an international waterway for motor vessels. For over 50 years, the 28 weir and lock combinations have been operating with one lock chamber each. However, since 2002, locks are gradually being furnished with a second lock chamber. In 2011, the construction of the Trier lock chamber started based on the following drive technology:

  • Hydraulic drive technology and hydraulic cylinders for the upper flood gate (radial flood gate).
  • Electro-mechanical drives and electro cylinders for the lower flood gate (mitre gate) and the gates along the channel.\
  • And a hydraulically operated system for protecting ships from hitting into the gates.

Different solutions have been put in place for improving the overall efficiency of the system. Various sensors and data visualisation have been installed as well so the system can beneficiate from predictive maintenance and reduce downtimes.

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Source: ZekHYDRO magazine edition October 2019