Applications in the Hydropower Industry

Applications in the Hydropower Industry

When it comes to designing systems for the hydropower industry, an extensive and complete product portfolio along with extensive fluid engineering services can help you optimise key components and fluid power systems.

See below some application examples for both large and small hydropower stations:

  • Hydraulic steel structures and trash rack cleaners: hydraulic power units and cylinders for gate, sluices, weirs and trash rack cleaners.
  • Shut-off devices: hydraulic systems for ball valves, shut-off valves and needle valves, piston and bladder accumulator stations for storing closing power and water-powered servo motors with corresponding protective filters.
  • Turbines: bearing lubrication systems, hydraulic turbine controllers, piston and bladder accumulator stations for the emergency shut-down function.
  • Process and cooling water treatment: for the filtration of seal water, cooling water and extinguishing water, the required components like the automatic back-flushing filter RF3 are mounted on a compact frame (skid).
  • Generators: lifting and brake cylinders, oil lubrication cooling systems and cooling water systems, high-pressure discharge systems (HP systems), brake lifting systems, oil mist separators.

Apart from extensive industrial application experience, holding complete product portfolio for condition monitoring also helps. For example, sensors for monitoring water content (Aqua Sensor), metallic contamination (MCS Sensor) and the automatic monitoring oil cleanliness (CS Sensor) along with service instruments for maintenance and mobile units for measurement and data acquisition (HMG).

HYDAC is your professional partner for the Hydropower Industry. We are very happy to support you in terms of energy efficiency, process and system reliability, conservation of resources and system availability in the area.

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