Apprenticeship Program in Collaboration with The Australian Industry Group

Apprenticeship Program in Collaboration with The Australian Industry Group

Collaborating with The Australian Industry Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (Ai Group ATC), which is an Australian training organisation, HYDAC Australia this year welcomed two electrician apprentices, who will spend the next four years learning and practicing their skills at HYDAC.

Different from our Pro-Graduate Program and internship program, the apprenticeship will last for a relatively longer period, which is four years. The selection process for this program was long and intense, tens of candidates participated in several rounds of interviews, only the two most qualified succeeded into the program.

The apprentices stay four days per week at HYDAC, doing a hands-on practical work; and one day per week in the classroom learning the theory.

During the four-year program, apprentices will be guided step-by-step by our experienced industrial electricians. The objective of the program is to provide apprentices with a hands-on learning method and more practical electrical-based skills at the workplace, which is opposed to a brick-to-brick learning approach.

As one of the host organisations of Ai Group, HYDAC has rich experience across all electrical areas. The apprenticeship program is part of the ACE (Automation & Control Engineering) department development plan, that aims to provide apprentices with expert support and detailed guidance in order to make sure they could learn at the workplace, finalise their training successfully and obtain more vocational skills.

After completing the apprenticeship, a nationally recognised certification will be issued to the apprentices.

Significantly, apprentices will be able to gain valuable real-life working experience in the electrical industry field, and they will have a chance to become a full time member of HYDAC team as well.