Australian Business Awards recognises HYDAC’s training: what about government?

Australian Business Awards recognises HYDAC’s training: what about government?

HYDAC was again recognised by the Australian Business Awards 2020 as an ABA100 winner in terms of training excellence.

This focus on training now sees the fluid power company vying for government recognition as it endeavours to extend its training reach while elevating industrial and mobile sector technology.

This Australian Business Awards program is renowned for honouring organisations that demonstrate core values of business and product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of established business and product award categories.  

It doesn’t end there, with winners being provided with a unique opportunity to benchmark themselves against top performers globally in that the program benchmarks national winners at the World Business Award’s international chapter.

“We’re very proud of being awarded this recognition – and this has taken place twice now,” HYDAC Managing Director Mark Keen comments.

“It is nice confirmation for us that we’re doing something well, and it encourages us to keep moving in that direction. We’re adding on new courses and content and looking all the time at how we can improve and enhance what we offer.”

Time for government to recognise training excellence

Mr Keen says it’s unfortunate that companies such as HYDAC are recognised by an award system but not by government and formal institutions.

“Therefore, we see collaboration with Swinburne and other universities as being very critical: we are linked together with higher education organisations that are recognised and through which we can indirectly contribute to and participate in offerings."

He adds that of course HYDAC doesn’t offer state-of-the-art training for the recognition, but that the “recognition is always nice”.

“Also, certainly we feel that our development of training solutions, particularly with the development that we're doing in the space of mixed reality, is really innovative and is at the cutting edge of educational opportunities. We’re using technology in a new way to provide educational and training solutions that haven't existed before so we see ourselves a little bit as pioneers in this case.”

This is especially relevant in a company like Australia “where logistical challenges are high”, making it difficult at times for people to attend standardised training classes.

New technologies

Mr Keen explains that the new technologies are largely focused on data acquisition and interpretation of recorded data to interpret the future for the provision of predictive analytics.

“Many of the issues that exist in the industry are related to reliability, with high levels of technology being implemented in the automotive sector that goes far beyond indicating if a car is getting too hot or needs to have its battery charged or tyre pressure inflated among other things. Likewise, we are trying to bring this technology to the industrial and mobile sector, particularly hydraulics where we work.

“We have a lot of sensors and data that enable us to see when things are changing and to improve the situation before sometime bad happens, causing downtime and loss of productivity.”

In view of this Mr Keen underscores that predictive analytics is a key part of future technology, with part of that being electrical integration into the system, how to place sensors into the system to gather data, and the technology of bringing that together.

“And finally the interpretation comes – the algorithms behind interpreting for positive, real-world outcomes. The journey never ends!”

Organisations that are eligible for the awards span private companies, public companies, multi-national subsidiaries, non-government organisations, educational institutions, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in Australia.

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