Available Human Machine Interfaces from TTControl

Available Human Machine Interfaces from TTControl

TTControl’s HY-eVision² product range provides users with an operator interface that is user-friendly and gives them maximum resolution as well as programmability with CODESYS® 3.x. Its operator panel gives users optimised visualisation in vehicle parameters such as speed, temperature, sensor data and more in real time. Its built-in display controller is made to work in the harsh conditions off-highway vehicles are put through, including excavators, large drilling machines and forest harvesters.

Operators will have complete control over the HY-eVision² human machine interfaces through their networked control system that can perform many different functions.

Benefits of These Products

  • Outstanding sunlight readability
  • Optimum CPU performance
  • Fast display
  • Fast boot-up time
  • Fast and cost-effective development of graphical human machine interfaces
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy maintenance and diagnostics
  • Two cameras
  • Internal components
  • Custom operator panel devices available
  • CAN interfaces

Rugged Operator Interfaces Available

Vision 3

The Vision 3 is from the third generation of TTControl’s rugged operator interfaces. This product is available as a single core processor variant and as an advanced Plus variant with 4-Core-CPU and a superior set of interfaces.

HY-eVision² 10.4

The HY-eVision² 10.4 is an extremely resilient device. It has a large 10.4-inch touchscreen that offers all features and benefits that come with the HY-eVision² family of operator interfaces.

HY-eVision² 7.0

The HY-eVision² 7.0 is a smaller 7-inch version of TTControl’s family of highly resilient devices made for the off-highway and mobile machinery sector.

Vision 305s

The smallest TTControl operator interface product, the Vision 305 offers optimum price-performance ratio due to its compact size and wide-ranging capabilities.

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