Axial Piston Pumps for mobile applications - features and benefits

Axial Piston Pumps for mobile applications - features and benefits

The PPV100M portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps is designed and built to optimize machine performance and productivity. With sophisticated controls that improve system efficiency and a compact design that delivers incredible power, the PPV100M portfolio empowers mobile machine operators to do more work in less time using less fuel.

Exceptional quality that provides remarkable reliability with bronze piston shoes, which are robust against contamination should particles enter the fluid, enhancing system performance and component service life. It offers high-load bearings due to the larger, more durable bearings that resist wear and deliver industry-leading bearing life.

The PPV100M series is a perfect fit for mobile applications ranging from construction to refuse, whereby real estate is always a premium. Other application sectors include material handling, mining, forestry, cranes, agriculture, utility and military - best in its class.

Features and Benefits: 

The next generation of our Axial Piston Pump PPV100M is built to maximize machine performance and productivity and delivers several benefits, including:

  • Optimized package size

PPV100M responds to customer needs by significantly reducing pump weight and size, whilst enhancing performance with increased rated pressure and higher rated speed capabilities. Best power-weight ratio in its class.

  • Extra power

PPV100M rotating group delivers an incredible amount of power, improving productivity without using extra fuel.

  • Uniquely designed control piston

PPV100M has a single-acting control piston with special coating, minimising friction, and thus increasing operating life.

  • Perfect load sense combination

PPV100M works amazingly well in conjunction with HDYAC's LX6 Load Sensing Sectional Mobile Valve, providing OEM's single resource for their machine's requirements.

  • Excellent pressure responsiveness

The PPV100M portfolio delivers the fastest response and recovery times in its class, assisting customers get the job done faster.

  • Low standby pressure

The PPV100M can maintain low margin pressure (10 bar) with exceptional stability, reducing heat generation and assisting to eliminate wasted energy.