Bieri for high-pressure hydraulic applications

Bieri for high-pressure hydraulic applications

Bieri Hydraulik AG, a HYDAC company headquartered in Switzerland, supplies hydraulics for micro and high-pressure applications.

The company has more than 60 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and sale of hydraulics extending from standard high-pressure components to special solutions covering pressure ranges of up to 1000 bar.

The company’s products and solutions are created to assist customers use equipment in a space-optimised and energy efficient way, with the benefit of added functionality.

Compact design, high-power density, robustness, durability, and functionality are known characteristics of Bieri products.


Products on offer


Products on offer include:

  • axial and radial piston pumps (single or multiple outlets);
  • seated valves (manual or solenoid operated);
  • pressure valves (pressure relief valves, unloading valves, pressure reducing valves, load holding and lowering valves); *flow control valves (orifice plates, throttle valves); non-return valves (shut-off valves, pilot operated check valves);
  • manual gate valves;
  • pressure switches; and
  • oil level switches.


Worth highlighting are the following:

  • micropumps, which come with low flow rates and high pressure (up to 12,000psi built into a handy body);
  • modular systems up to 10,000psi for individual solutions and stationery or mobile applications;
  • BRK, HRK, KKP, and SKPI radial piston pumps for challenging applications up to 14,500psi;
  • a wide variety of accessories to display and measure pressure oil level and temperature within tanks;
  • a wide range of valves of nominal sizes four and six, reliable and leakage free up to 14500psi; and
  • bespoke solutions and products for hydraulic high-pressure applications.


Recently Bieri launched a new 1000 bar high pressure valve series WV1000 and a combination pump KKP for safe usage in rail construction.


Application areas

BIERI focuses on the following three areas.

High pressure components and systems

A pressure range from 400 bar is usually considered high pressure. Part of Bieri's expertise is dedicated to pressures between 400 and 1000 bar as many applications require this range.

BIERI high-pressure components and systems operate worldwide in demanding applications in the construction industry; maintenance and civil engineering technology; energy and high-voltage installations; machine tools industry; material handling technology; metallurgy; mining equipment; motion technology; naval and ship lifting technology; oil exploration and offshore technology; plastic and die cast machinery; press tools and press; rescue systems; research technology; stage technology; testing equipment; wind energy; and the wood, pulp and paper industry.


Medical engineering

Applications in medical engineering need fine hydraulics that can perform extraordinary tasks in terms of reliability and quality while remaining leakage free.

For many years BIERI has been a worldwide specialist of medical hydraulics, delivering components and systems to manufacturers of patient-moving equipment, including operation tables and delivery beds.


Customised special hydraulic components

BIERI is known for its ability to develop and produce customized hydraulic components and systems for all pressure ranges including pumps, valves, and cylinders.  

Examples of application areas where BIERI has developed specialist know-how include the railway industry; pumps and valves for heavy-lifting equipment; and pressure testing equipment, among others.


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