Big Benefits to Big Data

Big Benefits to Big Data

Electronic systems generate gigabytes of data that are increasingly being used to improve efficiency at many levels, from field operations to maintenance and even vehicle design. A range of equipment and service providers continue to find new ways to use vehicle information to further enhance productivity.

Partnering to maximise data

Maximising this data for a range of different design steps requires using several tools and working with partners who have many different skill sets.

The number of partners that work together to store and analyse data is matched by the disparity of
customers who can use this data to improve operations. The vast amounts of available data in the cloud means different things to different groups. Many stakeholder groups can benefit from the collected data.

The ability to update software remotely is another significant advance enabled by connectivity and big data. Equipment makers can analyse field data to spot issues that can be fixed using software. When that occurs, operators and owners can receive patches over the air.

Sharing data while maintaining privacy

Good communication is one of the tools that help build confidence that data will be used judiciously. Most companies failing to protect customer data can alienate customers and harm their brand’s reputation. Those that decide to cut corners and bend privacy policies may also have to deal with regulators that can impose penalties.

Security is also needed to protect privacy. Suppliers at all levels are focused on preventing breaches. Layers of protective schemes are typically baked into designs from the start of the development cycle.

To protect data privacy and security, we do things like providing user access control and making sure there are no openings for attacks. We use private gateways to the cloud – security is an end-to-end concept.

Reducing downtime

Reductions in downtime are one of the biggest benefits of collecting and analysing data. OEMs are employing numerous techniques that let them quickly analyse fault codes to determine what’s wrong with a vehicle and prepare everything needed for repairs. In the future, engineers will be able to predict failures before they occur. In the near term, a growing number of companies are improving uptime by updating software remotely.

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