Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration & Coolers for Gen-Set at Capital Square Perth

Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration & Coolers for Gen-Set at Capital Square Perth

Located on the historic site of the former Emu Brewery at the corner of Mount Street and Spring Street , Capital Square is set to see the creation of a city within a city, a lively residential and commercial hub in the heart of Perth’s CBD. Capital Square will see 41 levels of luxury residential apartments, making its mark on the skyline as one of the Perth’s tallest residential towers. It’s also the tallest building that Woodside will own in Australia.


Filtration of particulate, dewatering of diesel fuel and cooling of 2 MTU engines (20V4000G23 – Total of ~ 2 MW Electrical Power Generation) of an emergency generation set at Capital Square Towers – Perth, WA.

Operating Fluid: Diesel fuel

HYDAC Products:

HYDAC pre-filter LVH-F with coalescing filter LVH-CD

HYDAC Cooling System AC-MS 13-1/1.0/V/WW/B/1/2-800/200-15 (P/N: 4102435)


A diesel driven gen set is used as an emergency power supply to the Capital Square Towers in Perth.

Due to high tier engines being used for emergency gen sets, clean and dry diesel fuel is needed before injectors.

The client was looking for a custom built solution that would meet the stringent requirements of the diesel fuel injectors. They approached HYDAC due to innovative products developed for filtration, dewatering of diesel fuel and cooling systems for the gen sets.


HYDAC provided a full engineering development design, production and test of 2 turn-key gen set cooling systems packages for 2 gen set diesel engines that generate power back-up for the Capital Square tower electrical systems.

Our coolers were chosen due to several factors: the high level of efficiency achieved by our aluminum cooling element made with “plate & bar” technology, design optimized for containerized application, heat capacity up to 18 kW/K, low-noise, low-cost maintenance due to electric motor fan drives.

Our cooling systems guarantee a very efficient cooling power vs space and a very small footprint. Click here to see our way of cooling in the Power Generation industry.

HYDAC low viscosity diesel filter and coalescer were chosen due to an excellent filtration performance in a single pass, high contamination retention capacity (for filtration), low-pressure loss due to innovative element technology, easy to service and easy adaptability.

Our cooling systems at Capital Square Perth.