Cartridge filter module

Cartridge filter module

HYDAC’s compact cartridge filter module is used to mount a filter element for oil filtration from port 1 to 2.

An integrated check valve prevents return flow in the opposite direction (wrong flow direction) to protect the filter.

When the level of contamination in a filter is too high, a second check valve opens a bypass spool to protect against an uncontrolled pressure increase in front of the filter element.

The contamination indicator informs the user about a clogged filter element.


Features of the cartridge filter module include compact filter mount with integrated check valves and fluid contamination indicator, a high flow rate with low ∆p, zinc-nickel plated exposed surfaces for increased corrosion protection (1,000h salt spray test), and combinations with HYDAC low-pressure filters.

HYDAC cartridge filter module


The cartridge filter’s maximum operating pressure is 210 bar, maximum flow rate 12L/min, media operating temperature range -20°C to maximum +100°C, and ambient temperature range -20°C to maximum + 60°C.

Operating fluid is hydraulic oil to DIN 51524 Part 1, 2 and 3, and viscosity range is a minimum 7.4mm²/s to maximum 420mm²/s.

Filtration is to permitted operating fluid contamination level according to ISO 4406 Class 21/19/16 or cleaner.

The cartridge filter has no orientation restrictions.

The valve body is steel; the closing element hardened and ground steel; and the seals NBR (standard) and FKM (optional, media operating temperature range -20°C to +120°C); and back-up rings PTFE.

The cavity is 20120 and the weight approximately 0.54kg.

The depth of the cavity is dependent on the filter element used.

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