Control Technology – Functional safety in mobile machines

Control Technology – Functional safety in mobile machines


More and more safety-critical functions are being incorporated today in machine building, automation, electrical engineering and process technology. Programmable systems are being used increasingly in this field.

Functional safety is the portion of total system safety which depends on the correct function of safety-critical systems for minimising risk. This includes electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES). These systems must carry out their intended functions (safety functions) within defined error conditions and with defined high probability. The aim is to achieve and maintain a safe system condition. Functional safety is met when each specific safety function is implemented and the required level of fulfilment for each safety function is achieved.

TTControl provides customers with significant benefits such as long-term safety experience, innovative technology and large operational flexibility through production outsourcing. Thus, our products and solutions meet today’s most demanding needs regarding safety, reliability and usability for the off-highway and mobile machinery markets.

Electronic Control Units

Safety certified controller

Safety and certified controllers from TTControl include the high-end ECUs HY-TTC 540, HY-TTC 580 and the top-level mid-size ECU HY-TTC 94.

HY-TTC 540 / HY-TTC 580

The powerful control units of the HY-TTC 500 product family are designed to meet upcoming needs of high-end applications like construction and agricultural machines.


The HY-TTC 94 is the top-level electronic control unit of the HY-TTC 50 controller family and the HY-TTC 90 is a version of this ECU with 2 instead of 4 channels.

I/O Modules

Safety certified controller

These I/O modules are protected by a compact, automotive-style housing suited to mobile applications in harsh environments and can be used in a modular way.


TTControl’s HY-TTC 48XS is an intelligent safety I/O module for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications, developed according to EN ISO 13849 (PL d).


The HY-TTC 30XSH und HY-TTC 30XSI I/O modules are TÜV-certified according to EN 13849 and fulfil PLc requirements.