Cooling solutions for charging infrastructure

Cooling solutions for charging infrastructure

Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of charging stations is essential in the growing e-mobility sector. 

Our advanced thermal management solutions are designed to meet these needs effectively. We offer Refrigerant Cooling Systems (Chillers) for battery storage systems, ensuring optimal performance. 

  • Refrigerant Cooling Systems (Chiller) with a high temperature control accuracy (from +/-0.2 K to +/-2K) and water glycol coolant (other fluids or direct evaporation on request).
  • Operating range from +8°C to +30°C (lower temperatures on request). Energy efficient due to mixer control technology (hot gas bypass).
  • The software of the controller is able to check all relevant data of the cooling circuit e.g. inlet temperature of coolant to machine, return flow temperature to chiller, level indicator in tank, flow rate and adjustment of performance on demand.
  • Optional, the data can be forwarded via RS232 / RS485, EtherCat, CANopen, EtherNet IPv4 / IPv6, Profi net or Profi bus to a higher-level control technology.

Our cold plates provide precise cooling for IGBT modules and battery cells, while specialised cooling solutions cater to power electronics. Additionally, our Fluid-Air Cooling Systems and Refrigerant Cooling Systems (Chillers) are ideal for maintaining the efficiency of charging cables. 

  • By mounting the battery cells or IGBT-modules directly on water-cooled cold plates, the heat is transferred to a fluid and dissipated effectively. The coolant is supplied by HYDAC fluid cooling systems (FLKS or FWKS) or chillers (RFCS).
  • CNC machined aluminum construction.
  • Based on clean brasing processes like vacuum brasing and friction stir welding (FSW) - 100% Helium leak tested.
  • CFD analysis upon request to evaluate the best and efficient technology to transfer the heat e.g. from battery cells or IGBT-modules to the cooling fluid.

These innovations ensure your charging stations operate at peak performance, contributing to a sustainable and efficient future.

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