Current and intelligent hydraulic and electromechanical drive solutions

Current and intelligent hydraulic and electromechanical drive solutions

KineSys utilises the comprehensive range of HYDAC products as well as KineSys drive components to produce customised designs for drive solutions. 

This translates into a solution that matches an application - from simple control to highly dynamic closed-loop control. Modern simulation and system engineering tools assist the design process, with needs-based designs ensuring maximum efficiency.

New possibilities for hydraulic system integration 

HYDAC drive controllers offer new possibilities in terms of hydraulic system integration with electrical control technology. This spans axes coupling and bus systems integration.

Integrated intelligence for complex task execution

HYDAC drive controllers possess an integrated intelligence that enables even complex drive tasks to be accomplished in a simple and robust manner.

This includes regulation of pressure (force), position (angle), synchronisation, and speed; control of actuators; cam disc function; and safety functions among many more. 

Parameterisation of drive controller and validation of system integration

“Worth noting is the higher level of integration achieved through tailored parameterisation/validation of the drive concept,” a HYDAC spokesperson says. 

“Advantages include a significant reduction in the complexity of incorporation and the many applications that can be covered due to HYDAC’s many years’ experience here.”

Integration into an application

HYDAC’s user-friendly and intuitive software can commission complex systems quickly and reliably. Support is forthcoming if any adjustments are made as well as documentation thereof for guaranteed high functionality. 

“Our systems are incorporated into your application in a way that is efficient, modern and systematic,” the spokesperson underscores. 

HYDAC KineSys product solutions

HYDAC’s standard solutions are quick on the mark because it uses components, products, and systems from its extensive portfolio. 

“It doesn’t end there, with individual and flexible support available based on our special portfolio and systems expertise,” the spokesperson says.  

“Add to that our HYDAC package solutions, with modern simulation and system engineering tools supporting tailored configuration. Everything also comes from one source, which as we know saves time and is cost effective.

“So don’t waste another moment: make use of HYDAC’s industry know-how and application expertise to put together the right drive concept for you.”

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