A custom solution that includes a software suite for the development of control system for mobile machinery

A custom solution that includes a software suite for the development of control system for mobile machinery

Initial situation

LoadPro has more than 25 years of experience in developing “off-road” haulage trucks. Lately, they have been working on creating a new model, called the X60. This model is suitable for extended hauls and in applications where highway trucks and articulated trucks are not suited for. It is an attractive solution as it reduces cost and increases production for existing and new Greenfield sites.

LoadPro approached HYDAC for an engine cooling systems to be installed on an X60 model. The initial idea was to use the standard electrical system on trucks, with cooling fans controlled via a priority valve. However, this solution would create a big noise in the cabin, as well as a lot of energy waste in controlling just one big cooling fan.


HYDAC proposed another solution, which would improve the noise level and enhance the hydraulic efficiency of the trucks. After discussion with LoadPro, it has been decided to go ahead with this complete custom system incorporating hydraulics, cooling and electronics:

  • Hydraulic kit includes filtration, accessories, accumulators and valves.
  • Combi-coolers for engine water jacket, charge air, hydraulic oil and AC-Condenser. The water jacket circuit features also three Brazed Plates Heat Exchangers for transmission integrated retarder (Intarder®) and the wet brake cooling system.
  • CAN-Bus Electronic Control System with HMI.

In order to facilitate the development of the control system of this mobile machinery, HYDAC introduced the MATCH solution to LoadPro. MATCH is an innovative and efficient system for the complete lifecycle of mobile machines, gathering all of the software requirements in one single platform.

It allows users to work closely with one another in development, testing, commissioning and production, maintenance and service. MATCH also accelerates the development process of mobile machinery by up to 50%. In this case, applications for a complex vehicle or machine controls can be implemented very quickly.

For LoadPro, choosing this solution meant better maintenance and protection from unwarranted claims, that would assure a better general safety of the machine. The MATCH Service Tool also assures the control of the fleet management, as well as onboard diagnostics and easy upgrades.


The solution keeps its promises as the hydraulic efficiency has improved and the noise level has decreased. The customer is satisfied, as the power-train provider has approved the OEM for serial production. What’s more, after a successful dynamic FAT, the machine passed the tests on a Queensland quarry.