Diesel Fuel Condition on Australian Submarines

Diesel Fuel Condition on Australian Submarines

Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) serves the frontline of Australia’s naval defence capabilities. With more than 2,500 employees across three facilities in South Australia and Western Australia, ASC has evolved into Australia’s largest specialised defence shipbuilding organisation, with naval design and engineering resources unparalleled within Australia’s defence industry.

The problem

ASC was looking for fuel conditioning skid to filter and dewater the diesel fuel on board the submarine. Space restrictions within the submarine meant that the unit had to be compact and due to the different pipe diameter on this project, the flushing skid and the offline filter had to deliver varying flow.

This project was located in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Solution

HYDAC designed and manufactured three diesel fuel condition solution for ASC.

  • Diesel fuel flushing skid

  • Diesel fuel offline filtration system

  • Diesel fuel coalescing systems LVU-CD-40


See below some advantages and benefit of these products:

  • Our diesel Optimicron elements were used on the flushing and offline units, they supported the diesel cleanliness level required by ASC.
  • All the units have a compact design
  • Our products presented a varying flow
  • Our bag filter type PBF was used in order to extend the life of the polishing filter.

Hydac product quality and the local design and manufacture capability were key factors in this project.

For more information on our diesel cleanliness products go to https://www.hydac.com.au/products/diesel-fuel-filter-system.html or call us on +61 3 9272 8900.