Diesel fuel savings on asphalt rollers

Diesel fuel savings on asphalt rollers

How can I use my machines with even greater economic efficiency? A central question for all machinery owners. In collaboration with HYDAC, HAMM AG has developed asphalt rollers with hydraulic hybrid drive for their customers which save 15% on diesel fuel in practical applications.

The minimisation of operating costs continues to be of central importance for mobile work machines. Machines with hybrid drives represent a possible solution in this connection. No matter which machine category is in question, one finds both electrical and hydraulic series solutions which have established themselves on the market in a process which is evolutionary to a certain extent. In such cases, it is often a downsizing of the diesel engine that has enabled significant fuel savings with the aid of a hybridisation. Depending on the machine and the work process involved, energy recovery functionalities can also make a contribution to energy efficiency.

How does an asphalt roller actually compact?

In the case of tandem rollers with applications in asphalt construction, the motivation for hybridisation lies in the typical operating cycle which is characterised by significant performance peaks for the diesel engine during reversing procedures. In this connection, it is worthwhile to take a somewhat more detailed look at the topology of the drive system of the machines. So-called dynamic compaction systems are regarded nowadays as state-of-the-art technology. Depending on the machine version, vibration or oscillatory movements of the roller drums are created thereby as the result of rotating centrifugal weights powered by hydraulic motors. The necessary compaction power is applied by driving over the hot asphalt that was laid down shortly beforehand with activated vibration or oscillation.

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