Discover our new HYDAC Service Program

Discover our new HYDAC Service Program

From individual service to fluid management

Our service is a program which is tailored individually for our customers. Working with our service partners we can offer you a complete package of services. Our own research and development centre has the facilities to examine the customer’s requirements with a focus on filtration, and to develop optimal and individual solutions…

The HYDAC Service Centre offers a systematically constructed, comprehensive range of services which uses proper maintenance and inspection procedures to make a decisive contribution towards increasing the useful life of hydraulic plants, lubrication systems and electro-hydraulic controls and regulators.

Starting with the setup, the installation, the pipework up to the system flushing, the compression test, and the actual commissioning, an experienced team of construction supervisors, electronics engineers, electricians, hydraulic engineers, metal workers and welders are available for assignments around the globe.

The services are extremely convenient around each of our customer’s busy schedules. We come to you!

HYDAC offered services include:

  • Optimisation & Planning
  • Technical Cleanliness
  • Process Optimisation
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Fluid Management
  • Commissioning
  • Rental Service
  • Fluid Handling
  • Fluid Analytics
  • Calibration
  • Revision
  • Repairs

Optimisation & Planning
By examining the hydraulic system in partnership, we can find a potential for optimization together. In other words, we can generate a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity and operational availability, with results to match.

Technical Cleanliness
Technical cleanliness is becoming increasingly important in many sectors of industry, the automotive industry, mobile hydraulics and production systems
We perform lab analyses as well as internal company standards and perform site process chain analyses.

Process Optimisation
Process chain analyses define the state of technical cleanliness in the production process. We locate your potential for optimization and develop measures to further improve component cleanliness values.

Condition Monitoring
The condition of the fluid is crucial for optimal machine performance, this means that the fluids must be monitored and tested. We carry out these tests in our own laboratories or on-site at your premises.

Fluid Management
Entering into a full-service or maintenance contract, you will receive a coordinated package of service, from the supply of media and components, through engineering to hydraulics and facility services that are geared towards the following objectives: savings in maintenance costs, savings in investments and labour cost optimisation.

No matter whether it has to do with the commissioning of complete lubrication plants, hydraulics, actuators and other systems, or with the connection of new components or the integration of subsystems such as bypass filter plants in an existing system; we have the right equipment and the respective team for all application situations.

Rental Services
We will now be launching rental services
With our new launch of rental services, we offer you equipment as you need it, instead of tying up unnecessarily capital.
Our specialists will be pleased to advise you in advance on selecting the best unit for your application. We will ensure that the hire equipment will be available on schedule, ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Fluid Handling
Preliminary monitoring of the machine/system for cleanliness, safety equipment required and obvious leakage sources. Continuous measurement of the cleanliness class in the flow as well as a sampling of the oil to provide a reference sample for future comparative measurements.

Fluid Analytics
The condition of the fluid is crucial for optimum machine performance today. This means that the fluids must be monitored and tested

We calibrate the product to ensure it maintains to our guaranteed high quality. The tested equipment must be calibrated regularly and must be traceable to national measurement standards

HYDAC can offer services that regularly check the operating system to prevent expensive downtime. The HYDAC Service Centre monitors oil condition, oil level, filter condition, accumulator pressures and valve settings.

We repair the entire HYDAC range as well as other makes of equipment.

For more detail on the services we provide, please visit our HYDAC Service page.