Dynamic speed control for mobile applications

Dynamic speed control for mobile applications

Rotary Drive Control is a clever type of speed control for mobile machines.

This is a result of electro-hydraulic systems requiring high precision, especially in the case of increased environmental protection or when there are new regulations.

“Wherever there is a need for speed-controlled functions combined with high-power densities, the Rotary Drive Control operates with extreme precision and dynamic performance as a result of electronic control – even with pressure fluctuations,” a HYDAC spokesperson says.

Precision and stability

Accuracy despite pressure fluctuations and parallel consumers

Modern machines reflect technological development in industry.

They increasingly combine high efficiency with precision and dynamic performance, the spokesperson says.

“Hydraulic machines have a high-power density, which needs to be controlled to achieve the best results.

“These technical developments mean that high accuracy and stability despite influences such as pressure fluctuations and parallel consumers are increasingly gaining in importance.”


Stricter legislation and environmental protection

Resource-saving use of fertiliser and grit

The increasingly strict legal requirements in terms of environmental and consumer protection and the resource-saving use of fertiliser and grit are extending the specification profile of mobile machines.

To meet these increased demands, individual functions –designed to be as dynamic and needs based as possible – are becoming increasingly important. This requires modern control technology.


Increasing energy and raw material costs

Reduction in wear, energy, and material costs

Increasing raw materials prices, especially for fuels and work equipment, are weighing heavily on machine operators.

For this reason, resource-saving machine operation is becoming more and more important. The focus is on needs-optimised workflows and material conservation.

Consistent and stable drives can make a significant contribution to reducing wear and lowering energy and material costs, the spokesperson highlights.


RDC solution for dynamic and precise speed control

Rotary Drive Control (RDC) uses hydraulic components to enable highly dynamic and precise speed control.

This approach combines the advantages of tried-and-tested hydraulic and electronic system components with those of modern machine controls.

In this way, hydraulic machines can reach their full potential.

The result is a machine drive that provides large forces that adjust to requirement with high dynamic performance and precision.

The subsystem is compatible with all common constant pressure and load-sensing systems. It also offers a standardised protocol for CAN-based communication with the machine control and the HYDAC Machine Service Tool (MST).

The RDC essentially consists of a hydraulic motor, valve technology, a speed sensor, and a controller with application software.


Advantage: standalone subsystem for best results

RDC regulates the impact of influences such as pressure fluctuations or parallel consumers on machine functioning.

As a standalone subsystem, the HYDAC solution fits seamlessly into the hydro-mechanical drive train. The RDC is therefore extremely well-suited to the development of mobile machines with decentralised individual functions.


Advantage: automatic calibration as key to success

An essential element of RDC is automatic calibration of the system. For this, the rotary drive performs a sequence while the individual behaviour of the hydro-mechanical drive train is detected.

The resulting system characteristics are stored in the control system and used to optimise control behaviour. In this way, time-consuming coordination of the machine function during commissioning or maintenance is no longer necessary.


Advantage: custom user interface

Availability of system-relevant data assists with function optimisation and maintenance.

The MST offers a user interface for this exact purpose. With the MST, parameters can be modified, and measured values can be read. Errors can also be diagnosed, and system functions can be tested.


Possible applications

Optimised mobile machine in partnership with HYDAC

Customers benefit from the extensive know-how of HYDAC experts who advise on optimal system design by taking an integrated approach to mobile machines.

They draw on extensive field experience for system functions and their optimisation. The result is a subsystem tried-and-tested in series production, which can make a signification contribution to improving machine functions in a variety of applications such as:

  • distributing plate drives (municipal distributors and fertiliser distributors),
  • metering roller drives and spindle drives (pneumatic fertiliser distributors, sowing equipment, and sowing machines),
  • pump drives (field sprayer, slurry container),
  • transmission drive (hydraulic auxiliary drives and additional drives), and
  • belt and worm drives (conveyor belt, harvesting machine).

Customers also benefit from the team's engineering expertise in hydraulics, software, and simulative system design.

RDC advantages

Increased efficiency

RDC advantages include increased efficiency due to reaching stable speeds quickly and optimised subsequent behaviour, even when changing speed specifications.

Single supplier

HYDAC provides system development from a single supplier from planning, simulation and testing right up to series solutions.

More flexibility

RDC is compatible with all common hydraulic systems and offers extensive scope for parameterisation.

Time saving

HYDAC’s pre-developed system solution saves valuable time whether through self-calibration or in development.

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