Electric Marine Motors

Electric Marine Motors

Marine electric motors provide recreational sailors and commercial ships with an environmentally friendly solution. Electric boat motors are a great alternative to conventional combustion motors and can be easily installed onto both new and older boats.

At HYDAC, we offer an extensive selection of innovative, safe and dependable electric outboard motors and inboard motors that have incredible propulsion power. Our team have a wealth of expertise and experience when it comes to equipping recreational and commercial ships and vessels with electric boat motors that are compact in size, require minimal maintenance and are eco-friendly. All of our electric outboard motors and inboard motors comply with Australian boating regulations as well as safety and manufacturing standards.


Advantages of Using Electric Marine Motors

  • Minimal warm up time – Marine electric motors don’t need much time to get warmed up and can be used to propel the vessel very shortly after.
  • Minimal noise – Electric boat motors are quiet and don’t produce excessively loud noises like conventional boat motors do.
  • No emissions – Electric marine motors don’t emit any hazardous exhaust fumes.
  • No pull starts – Electric marine motors are much easier to start than most boat motors, as they come with a turnkey system.
  • Highly energy-efficient – Electric outboard motors and inboard motors consume significantly less energy than conventional motors.


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